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Last Updated: 2/12/2013

Hi There!
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my little space on the internet. 🙂

I love to write and tell stories, I have since I was a little girl, so blogging is something I have always enjoyed doing. With age (and hopefully a little wisdom!) I’ve discovered that “blogging” is much more than just throwing out thoughts, it’s a community, a tool for accountability, a place to share so that we never feel “alone”.

I’m also a Christian. I’ve used that sentence for many years, yet only “recently” have felt the Lord pulling me, challenging me, pushing me, and growing me to fully understand and comprehend what that sentence really means. What it’s really supposed to represent.

I am a wife and a mother. Learning to love my family deeper each day. Learning how to serve and appreciate my family more each day. Learning how to draw nearer as a wife and how to let go a little more with each passing year as a mother. It’s a balancing act that brings the biggest tears and also the biggest joys I’ve ever known.

I’m a friend. With the Lord’s help, fighting and conquering my social anxieties and allowing others into my “bubble”. While I love blogging, I know it’s not meant to replace the face to face interactions and relationships I’m called to develop with others. I feel blessed for the friendships the Lord has brought into my life, giving me a deeper sense of community in a state I’m still learning to call home, and also thankful for the blogging communities I have found because they give me a little inspiration throughout my week to stay motivated when home alone.

I’m a stay at home mom. Housewife. Manager of the daily tasks of family life. This wasn’t always the case. I was very driven in the “work force”. Learning to switch gears from career woman to homemaker has had it’s challenges, however, has had far more blessings. It’s given me an appreciation for the mom who has to work having experienced that, as well as the mom who stays home with her children as I’m only learning to experience a little of what that fully means (considering my son is already in his pre-teens!).

I am a writer. I dream to someday write a novel, although I’m still waiting for the Lord to guide my hands to craft such words. I write poetry, because often poetry is how I find the way to express thoughts I couldn’t otherwise express. Part of my reason for having this particular blog is to hold myself accountable for my goals, my journey to live a “redeemed” life (my one word) for 2013. To try and give my gift of writing, my love of writing, to the Lord, that He might be able to use it to encourage others in some way. I do allow a certain amount of transparency here, because I think that transparency helps to give the glory back to Him.

I’m RaZella. A woman with a past full of mistakes, seeking to live the “redeemed” life offered by Christ. I love to knit, I love coffee, I love hanging out with friends and family, simply spending beautiful quality time together. I love adventure, although I often timidly approach adventure. I’ve had deep pains, deep losses, and the Lord has carried me through them all to where I am today. I have found hope. Real hope. Life changing hope. Life changing peace.

I’m RaZella. I’m glad you’ve stopped by. 🙂 I hope my journey might encourage you to reach out and grab hold of that same hope and peace.

My Album 2-002

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