First Response

I've found myself thinking a lot this week about my responses, inspired by the Israelites in Exodus, those with Moses and Aaron. The truth is, I would fit in among them perfectly. They are first a people enslaved, crying out to their God for help. Honestly, I get that from a spiritual perspective. I do … Continue reading First Response


One Word 2018 – Peace

Last night I reflected on my One Word for 2017, and today after more thought and prayer, I have finally selected my One Word for 2018. Peace. And I have some specific reasons why this is my One Word for the upcoming year. The main reason is because of 1 Peter 2:11 - Dear friends, I … Continue reading One Word 2018 – Peace

One Word 2017 Ending

Imperfect Progress. I have made some imperfect progress with my One Word - Focus. I have found some direction, and where I have scattered and struggled, now as the year end's I find even the struggle is helping me to re-calibrate so that in the new year, I can continue moving forward.

A Tale of Cake and Love

Gather round dear friends and let me tell you a tale. It is a tale of love. Love of parents to their children, and of spouses to each other. It all began innocently enough when Mom decided this year she wanted to make their children birthday cakes from scratch. With the help of the son … Continue reading A Tale of Cake and Love

The Mundane Morning and The Truth

There is a routine that happens during the fall/winter mornings at my house. I confess, it's pretty sad. It begins with my alarm going off multiple times. I set 4 different ones. This is after my husband's has already gone off. And 99% of the time, I still don't wake up until he comes to gently … Continue reading The Mundane Morning and The Truth

One Word 2016 – 2017

Last year my One Word was the word hope. I shared in that blog post that 2015 had been an extremely difficult year. So it's not surprising 2016 began with us still climbing out of the difficulty. And God is faithful. He worked in 2016. Sometimes in totally unexpected ways. Wounds remained from the previous year, yet … Continue reading One Word 2016 – 2017

When You Taste The Bitter Pill

I finished week 2 of the #5HabitsBook study with #P31OBS. Our second habit in the study was She follows through with her commitments despite how she feels. It should not have been a surprise to me how the reading last week nudged deep places in this tired, battle weary heart. We all go through these seasons … Continue reading When You Taste The Bitter Pill

The Significance of 22

It's just a number. Maybe an important date. Birthday. Anniversary. Number of years married. Part of a phone number. Part of an address. For me, this morning, this is the number of pounds I have lost since January 1st, 2015.  I did the happy dance and rushed to share the victorious news with my husband. … Continue reading The Significance of 22