A Tale of Cake and Love

Gather round dear friends and let me tell you a tale.
It is a tale of love.
Love of parents to their children, and of spouses to each other.

It all began innocently enough when Mom decided this year she wanted to make their children birthday cakes from scratch. With the help of the son and a little input from the daughter, she determined to make from scratch a “Prize Chocolate Cake” and a “Golden Lemon Chiffon Cake“.

The Prize Chocolate Cake started easily enough, until she realized it was a 3 layer cake and she only had 2 pans. And then of course, in addition to that, she quickly realized not having a Kitchen Aide meant she was short a few hands, so Dad came to the rescue.

Now Dad and Mom have worked all day. Additionally Dad had worked hard remodeling the basement all week while Mom was busy rearranging the upstairs. As Dad assisted Mom with the chocolate cake baking, he was simultaneously working on the “honey-please-do” list Mom had given him. And she was simultaneously trying to clean the house to prepare for the Birthday gathering the next day.

They laughed and talked and joked. They complimented one another’s work on the house. How much more would they had savored the moment had they knew what was to come?

After the first 2 layers baked, Mom quickly washed and dried the pan in order to get the third layer baking. Alas. This was when things began to take a turn.

Mom, tired and slightly frazzled, started washing the pan while still wearing oven mitts. Dad laughed it off as did she. Next she cried out in a panic when she realized the oven timer was not set. Of course, it took her a moment to realize there was no cake in the oven yet as it was what Dad was currently working on. He laughed, and she decided to sit down and start reviewing the instructions for the second cake.

While round two of the son’s cake was cooking, Mom started prepping for the daughter’s cake. The instructions had phrases in it which she had never heard of before. She OK GOOGLE’D what it meant to make a “well” in flour. She sifted the flour. She made the “well”. She added in the exact order the wet ingredients just like it said to do. Meanwhile Dad was busy separating egg yolks and egg whites for step 2 of the lemon cake.

Finally it came time to “beat the mixture satin smooth“. Dad started beating, and almost instantly the mixture, a glob of thick glutenous glue, started climbing up the beater.

“How are you supposed to beat this “satin smooth”?!” Dad declared, “This is not going to happen.”

“Maybe you are supposed to use a whisk or a fork or something?” Mom wonders, not phased and simply prepared to just work around the small detail. She tries without a lot of success to get all of the glutenous glue off the beaters. Dad continues to mix it with a spoon, shaking his head.

Next came the forming of “very stiff peaks” with the egg whites.
What was to follow was the “pouring the batter in a stream over entire surface of egg whites“.

Now, Dad knew this step was coming, and his anxiety was growing with every stir of the glutenous glue. “Honey, this is NOT going to work. We need to throw this out. Something is wrong.”

“It will be fine,” Mom said, refusing to admit defeat. “Maybe it won’t be light and fluffy but I’m sure it will still taste fine.”

Dad attempted to combine the two bowls, and this was when he really started to have a very great concern over the condition of the batter.

“I’m telling you, this is NOT going to work. Seriously, we can’t serve this tomorrow. This is no good.”

“It will be fine. Maybe we need to beat it from the middle of the ‘well’? Maybe that’s why you make a well? I only have enough ingredients to make two and one is to share and one is to send home with her. We will just cute it up into bite size pieces or something and send her home with the other one.”

*** tense marital silence ***

“Honey, this is NOT going to work. This is just wrong. We did something wrong. How much oil did you put in?”

“I put in exactly what it said.”

“What about water? How much water?”

“The book is right there. Take a look yourself.”

Dad walks away from the glutenous glue which he is attempting to force to “blend” into the egg whites. He is muttering to himself, looking over the list, looking back at the bowl.

“Something isn’t right. This just isn’t right. We are not making another one. I’m making the executive decision right now. We are not making another Chiffon Cake.”

Mom puts the bowl she was preparing to start adding ingredients to for the second chiffon cake and walks away, clearly agitated. She sits on the couch. There must be two cakes. TWO CAKES.

*** tense marital silence ***

Dad calls out from the kitchen, “Can you look this up on a YouTube video or something?”

Without answering, Mom turns on the TV, pulls up YouTube and searches “How to make a lemon chiffon cake“. She plays the first video that comes up.

Dad comes out of the kitchen, watching the video. For the last 10 minutes he has given up “blending” and is beating the glutenous glue mercilessly with the broken hand mixer.

(That’s right, my apology reader, in addition to all of the above, the one and only hand mixer the couple owns is broken, so one beater won’t latch into place. This means it constantly tries to fall out of the hand mixer WHILE in mid operation.”

Watching the TV Dad says, “Did you put lemon juice in it?”

“The receipe doesn’t call for lemon juice.” Mom says, a tinge of exasperation beginning to break into her voice.

“Well, something is missing. Something has got to be missing.” Dad goes back into the kitchen. He stands over the recipe book, reading glasses on his nose. He goes back over to the glutenous-gluey-egg-white mixture.

He tastes it.

“Does this have any sugar any it? Any at all?”

Mom blinks. She gives him a blank stare. Meanwhile her brain is going off into a fire ball of “Wait, sugar, mix the dry ingredients. It said sift dry ingredients together. Wait a minute….” She leaps up from the couch and exclaims “That’s it!”

Dashing into the kitchen, shaking her head, she says, “I didn’t put any sugar in it. Or anything other than flour. It needs sugar! Add the sugar and other stuff!”

Dad at this time is now skeptical. The sugar, baking powder, and salt all get added. He continues to blend and finally, oh finally, the glutenous glue begins to dissolve.

“We will just serve this as lemon squares and the other will be the cake!” Mom calls out!

“I really think you should make a different cake.” Dad says. “I still don’t see how it’s going to get satin smooth.”

“I”m telling you it’s the sugar. That was the problem. It will smooth right out with the sugar.”

Now, in Dad’s defense, this is coming from the same woman who kept saying it would be fine when the batter was clearly NOT fine. We cannot blame him for not believing that the sugar would prevent another glutenous gluey mess.

“I don’t know.” He says, his face really saying it all.

“It will be fine.” Mom says, determined now to prove it will work. She gets the second bowl prepped with ALL the dry ingredients this time. She starts adding the wet ingredients to the center of the “well”.

“Are you adding those in the correct order?” Dad asks, looking over her shoulder.

“Probably not,” she says, “But it will be fine.”

“Well, let me go clean this spatula, because you are going to need it when that batter starts climbing into the mixer again.”

“It won’t, I’m telling you, trust me, it’s the SUGAR!!!”

Dad stands next to Mom, spatula ready. Mom begins the beaters, and behold, no glutenous glue forms.

“See,” she says cheerily, “The sugar! Can you get the egg white mixture ready?”

“Sure,” he says, still watching to make sure the glutenous glue doesn’t return.

“Here,” mom says, stepping out of the way. “Make the very stiff white peaks, and then you can add the satin smooth batter so that your soul can be at peace again because it’s doing exactly what the book says.”

She then bursts out into laughter. Dad turns and smiles at her. “Thank you for laughing,” he says, genuinely meaning it.

And then she REALLY starts laughing. She’s laughing so hard she nearly falls over.

“What? What?” Dad asks.

“I love us. We are so stupid. I forget half the ingredients. You can’t handle a receipe not doing exactly what the recipe says. We have spent an hour on this ONE cake batter. I just love us. We are perfect for each other!” She exclaims, and she genuinely means it.

Dad smiles and pours the second cake into it’s pan. He looks back at the first pan.

“That’s not going to cook right.”

“Oh just cook it! It’ll be fine!”

True Love.
The love of Parents to their children – to make home made, from scratch, birthday cakes when they don’t have enough pans, counter top space, or a properly working hand mixer.
The love of Spouses to one another – when they can make two complicated, from scratch birthday cakes for their kids, when they don’t have enough pans, counter top space, or a properly working hand mixer, at the end of a long busy work day, and still love one another with laughter and smiles. Even when the cakes come out of the oven and one looks fantastic while the other looks a little special.

The End.

Moody Mornings and Gifts Collide

I got up this morning “moody”, I’ll confess it. I wanted to sleep in. I felt dog dead tired for no reason whatsoever. I made my hubs and son eggs for breakfast, and I can’t say I did it with a servant’s heart. I “did it” and did it “moodily”. When my poor hubs asked if he had made me mad, I told him “I’m moody, just ignore it and love me” because I knew if I attempted to talk about my moodiness right then, it wouldn’t be in truth. I was too tempted to want to put the blame on him or someone else, really, ANYONE but me. (Cause isn’t it just easier to blame someone else for OUR issues?)

I “get through” my moody morning and watch them both leave the house. Then it hits me. It’s day one of  #P31OBS #KeepItShutBook study. (And guess what, I’m still a little moody).

I volunteer with Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies, and with my church’s Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry. I realize both will need my attention today to get some things done.
Now I’m thinking of the to-do list.
I pour a cup of coffee and sit down to “get through” the to-do. Continue reading “Moody Mornings and Gifts Collide”

Living Life Together With Purpose

Limitless Life Photo CoverI am participating in another OBS through Proverbs 31 Ministries and their Blog Hop. This particular post isn’t being “linked up” due to my lateness in finding the time to sit down and write, however, I am looking forward to Blog Hop Thursdays and the community of bloggers who participate throughout this study!

Speaking of which – this brings us to the first Blog Hop topic!

COMMUNITYWhat does community mean to you? What do you need from community? What can you give to community? 

I view community as a body of people who share life together with purpose. It’s different to me than a “gathering”, because a gathering is for a shared purpose. When you gather with people, you may or may not ever really know them. An example would be in large churches, we gather together to worship the Lord and may never even meet one another depending on how large the church is. I don’t believe that is a bad thing in and of itself, I think the danger comes when that is as far as our idea of “community” goes. Speaking of which, I have to share an image I came across on Facebook this week as I can’t get it out of my mind, especially with this topic….


 photo 10294296_832057116821592_2270148698859390552_n_zps93151fcb.jpg


I have to chuckle because it’s true. We are imperfect people striving towards the same goal, to be more like Christ, completely dependent on the Grace of God. I want to grow in my Faith and I know it’s the Lord’s Will for me to mature because He says so in scripture (Colossians 2:6-7). A Godly community, people whom I am sharing life with and living together with that purpose, is one of the many ways the Lord helps me to grow.

People who are living their lives together know one another, which means we have the opportunity to love and serve one another, therefore fulfilling God’s Will per His commandments (John 13:34-35). Serving is vital to our Christian growth because Jesus came and served. How can we expect to be like Him without learning how to serve? Community helps us to do this.

Community helps us admonish one another. When we live outside of community it’s easier to get “picked off” by the lone wolf prowling around. Sometimes it’s the wolf within that attacks first. A community of people living with you will know, and will then have the opportunity to point it out and encourage you in Godly love to overcome through Christ. I am most thankful for the women who have admonished me in love and walked alongside me through trials. I know my family is thankful to have had the blessing to walk alongside other families. To know someone on a deeper level, to pray for them, to feel compassion for them, and to act out of that compassion I think gives us beautiful glimpses of what Jesus did when He walked the earth and of the compassion He feels for us.


 photo bloghop1_zps27dfe700.jpg

What I need most from community is to give. Giving keeps me outside of myself. It’s so easy to become “me” focused. My culture tells me it’s about “You have to Love yourself” and “You have to forgive yourself”. Neither of these statements are statements I can find in Scripture. Scripture actually points to a completely different idea which is summed up best (in my opinion) in Matthew:

Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” -Matthew 22:37-40

Without getting into a debate about self-esteem (another blog for another time) I think it’s easy to say we struggle more with putting others first. At the very least, I can say I DO. I need to live in Biblical community so I have constant opportunities to put others first. Other Godly women spur me on to Love my husband, children, and extended family. My husband and son spur me on to love others. All of this is done under the covering of Loving God first. It means I give of my talents (spiritual gifts), my time, financially and emotionally, to others in the community who are in need of my giving. It also means there will be others to meet my needs when they arise. It grows me beyond myself, it grows my understanding to love deeper. It grows me to be more like Jesus.

Which I think means community is a precious, complex, beautiful gift from God.

Yes, our human-ness will at times mess it up, bringing sin into a beautiful gift and causing frictions and irritations. The reality is that is a beautiful part of it too. Those frictions and irritations serve as opportunities for us to fulfill other commandments, like forgiving as we have been forgiven. God tells me His forgiveness is ENOUGH, so I don’t need to waste time trying to “forgive” myself. If I could do that, I wouldn’t have needed a Savior to reconcile me before a Just and Holy God. I am however called to forgive others. Community gives me that opportunity as well, as I’m positive others have found themselves having to forgive me. As we forgive, our faith continues to grow. If you really sink into thinking about just how much community can grow you in faith, it’s pretty amazing, and humbling.

Yes. Our God is THAT good to put together such
a remarkable plan for community.
He is Glorified as our Faith Grows in Community with one another.

My hope and prayer is that everyone out there would take off their mask and allow themselves to be transparent and part of God’s community.






Want to check out an awesome Online Community of Bloggers who are living lives together with purpose? Check out the link up 🙂 and please make sure to let me know if you blogged about community too so I can drop by and leave some comment love!

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